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WCW Takes Snapshots Of Your Links And Alerts You If Anything Breaks
(see broken page below that can be quickly detected by WCW)

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Imagine Waking Up To This...

You've been wondering why you haven't been getting sales...

Why your podcast hasn't been getting downloads... or new subscribers.

Why you haven't been getting emails from potential customers.

And on a whim, you head over to your website and you find it like this....

Or this...

You check your podcast feed and it has errors all over the place...

Who knows how long your site has been broken?

How long the formatting of your podcast RSS feed all messed up? 

How long your home page text all screwed up?

So you've probably missed out on a whole bunch of sales, and future customers who not only saw that your site is broken, but they couldn't even contact you to let you know that it's broken because your Contact-us page is also broken. 

You've now lost sales, podcast listeners, future podcast subscribers, future fans, customer- and support emails, and most importantly, this also made you look unprofessional.

And the worst thing is, you don't even know how long it's been like this!

The good news is that hopefully none of this has happened yet.

Which is exactly why you can't wait until it does, and you get that sick feeling in your stomach.

Enter: WhatChangedWhen.com

We Monitor Your Links 24/7/365 and Alert You if Anything Changes

WhatChangedWhen.com (fondly known by the difficult nickname, WCW :-) is an online service that offers what we call "Content Monitoring".

WCW can monitor any link on the web:

  • Your home page
  • Your sales page
  • Your store page
  • Your Podcast RSS feed
  • Your client's website
  • Your client's podcast feed
  • A FeedBurner link 
  • Even your competitor's website

WCW then takes frequent Snapshots of your link being monitored.

And if WCW finds that something - anything - has changed in that links's content since the last Snapshot - whether that is in the main content, the code (JavaScript or CSS), or in any of the page's header, footer, meta-tags or XML tags - WCW will then alert you by email.

And what's really cool is that WCW will actually send you an alert email that contains ONLY the changes that have occurred.

It doesn't matter if it was just a a single character that was changed, or an entire word, entire line, entire paragraph, or changes all over the page. WCW will let you know you what it was before, and what the change is now, and it will highlight just the differences.

So you can know right away EXACTLY what changed, and you can then take appropriate action.

Content Monitoring is Different From Website Monitoring

Q: "How is this different from those other website monitoring services?"

A: The issue with most site monitoring services is that they monitor a lot of things on your site - like Up-time, Speed, Pings, Testing from Multiple Geographic Locations, User Monitoring, blah, blah and more blah.

But all of them fail to track 2 key pieces of information: What changed? And When?

WCW can watch your website links and podcast feeds 24x7x365, and if the content at those links changes, even in the slightest manner, WCW can alert you by email.

So you can be the first to know that your home page is messed up, or some plugin broke your website, or your podcast feed is all screwed up.

WhatChangedWhen.com can do BOTH - For FREE!
Content Monitoring AND Uptime Monitoring

The best part? WCW is among the only few services (probably even the only one) that can do both Content Monitoring and Uptime Monitoring.

WCW will alert you not just of any changes to your website - it will also alert you if your site is down for whatever reason (unpaid bill, excess bandwidth usage, database issues, WordPress issues, hosting issues with the web host itself going down, etc).

WHAT Changed On the Page? WHEN Did it Change?

Other Uptime Monitoring Services Will Not and Can Not Detect The Following 

(But WCW can)

  • WordPress Plugin & Theme Issues

    If you have a WordPress site, and the latest version of WordPress broke something, or maybe it's a new version of a theme or plugin you're using, or a CSS file is missing or got corrupt, and your page looks like this:
  • General Site Errors

    Doesn't even have to be a WordPress site. This can happen to any website today.
  • Broken Podcast Feed

    If you have a podcast, and your Wordpress-powered podcast feed broke for some reason - maybe it was an update to the feed-creation plugin, maybe it was an update that you did not apply yet, maybe it's a conflict with a third-party plugin. Whatever the reason, your podcast feed is broken, and the formatting is all messed up. New listeners cannot even get to your podcast feed, let alone subscribe to it. And some podcast directories like Apple Podcasts (formerly "iTunes"), may even remove you from their directory if your feed continues to remain broken.
  • WhatChangedWhen can detect changes in your podcast RSS feed, no matter how small the change is. It can detect if it went from a normal feed to a broken feed, if the formatting got messed up by even a few characters, of if your feed is only partially loading because of some non-standard character inadvertently inserted into your titles or descriptions.

    Other site monitoring services are of no use here. Only WCW can help you monitor such non-standard links and alert you to any changes.
  • Unapproved Changes
    If a rogue ex-employee or ex-contractor, maybe someone you're about to let go, who still has access to the back-end of your website, modified your buy links on your sales page and pointed it to their own payment links - or worse, pointed them to an invalid link that doesn't work. And because your premium site monitoring service didn't detect this, you wonder for days why you haven't been getting any sales, while you continue to lose hundreds if not thousands of dollars in lost sales.
  • Unintentional Changes
    If a business partner or virtual assistant changes something they shouldn't have, and now that is affecting conversions, other site monitoring services won't detect these changes, but WCW will.

(Free Monitoring For 1 Page On Your Website

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Completely & Truly FREE (as in "Free Beer")

  • Site Gets Hacked: Imagine your site gets hacked (WordPress users know the risk). Your first reaction maybe to imagine the hack to be something like the image below - where a page gets defaced and replace with a "This site has been hacked" message.

    But hackers are getting smarter. If they deface your entire web page, then you'll probably find out quickly as someone on your site may contact you and let you know (a very similar defacing happened to us a few year ago in our business).
  • Hackers are figuring out that messing up your entire page doesn't benefit them for too long. Instead, a new wave of hackers simply modify some text on your home page - maybe insert a link to their own website. Or maybe replace a buy-link or PayPal link to their own PayPal accounts. And they will bury the link deep within the content of your page such that it's barely noticeable to the human eye. And before you know it, you could have lost hundreds or thousands of dollars in lost sales, as all of your buyers' payments are going to the hacker's PayPal account.

    And now you've not only lost a bunch of money, but you also have to deliver the product or service to your customers, because as long as they're concerned, they've paid the money, and the hacker is not about to give it back anytime soon. So you don't have the money, you can't refund it, you have to deliver what they bought, AND it is a huge financial hit, not to mention, a PR nightmare if you don't take action quickly.

    A security plugin or scanner might detect it if there was actually malicious code detected in the page. But as hackers get smarter, such code detection is getting harder, and taking longer. So a regular website monitoring service may not detect this quickly enough - and not unless the link is a blatantly suspicious or malicious enough to appear in some security database. But what if the change is not that "dangerous", the change is not that obviously "malicious", but your page content has still changed without triggering your security systems?

    That's where WhatChangedWhen.com can come to the rescue. WCW will detect the change - no matter how inconsequential and subtle the change is, and quickly alert you.

WCW Tracks "Content"

Changes Caused
by Software.

Changes Caused
by Security.

Changes Caused
by People.

Content can change on your Home page, or Buy page, or Store page, or Contact-us Page, because of.... 

  • Plugin errors
  • Javascript or CSS errors
  • Embed-code errors
  • Missing or Corrupt files
  • "Warnings" and "Notices" due to changes in server software
  • Security software-related errors
  • WordPress update-related errors

That's not all - content on your page can also change because....

  • Your site got hacked and malicious code was injected into your site, or text and links inserted into your page that cannot be easily detected by simply looking at the page's content
  • A rogue webmaster or ex-contractor secretly updated the buy-links on your sales page without your knowledge
  • Missing or Corrupt files
  • Web-host installed new server-software

When Your Content Goes "Boink"
(but your site is still "up")

When your web site goes "Boink" with all kinds of weird issues, it is still considered technically "Up".

So your site did not really "go down", it is just showing a bunch of errors on your page.

Guess what?

If your site didn't technically "go down", none of those "Website Monitoring Services" will notice the errors and content changes on your pages, because they're not monitoring for "Content" (and that's exactly what WhatChangedWhen.com does: "Content Monitoring").

Ravi Jayagopal

"WhatChangedWhen Tracks Appearance..."

"Imagine if a school teacher only cared if a student answered roll-call (because they can hear their voice), but they don't pay any attention to the student's "appearance".

So while the teacher knows that the student is in attendance, they won't know if the student is acting any different all of a sudden, is smeared in mud, wearing a trash bag, has clown-makeup on, and is wearing an elf-hat.

Those other services track 'availability' and 'performance'. 

WhatChangedWhen.com tracks 'appearance' and 'content'. AND Uptime as well."

(Free Monitoring For 1 Page On Your Website)

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How is this different from other Website Monitoring services?

How can WCW afford to offer a FREE plan?

Do you have any plans where you scan more frequently than once-an-hour? Or more than what's in the ELITE LIFETIME plan?

Can I monitor any link on the web?

Do I have to upload anything to my web site? Or download any software to my computer?

Will WCW protect my site from hackers and malware?

What kind of alerts will you be sending me via email?

Get started with a free account right now. We don't even need your credit card. The free account is truly free - as in "free beer". Just your first name and email is all that's needed to get started.

You get to keep the free account for as long as you wish (and for as long as the service is running - which is forever, we're hoping).

And if you need more links or more frequent monitoring, upgrade at any time. And cancel at any time.

P.S.: Check out the FAQ section above, and if you have any further questions or concerns, please email us and we'll get back to you asap. So start with a free account right now, and check out how it works.